Internship Program

We envision GOD using this platform not to merely create a program, but to call men and women into a way of living that is natural, meaningful and powerful. The Initiative is based on the conviction that we are created primarily to experience "life abundant" (John 10:10b) in and with Him. As this happens, we see the greatest opportunity to watch His Kingdom expand both within and around us.  Whereas CityLife is focused on a team, the internship program is based on individuals who want to commit to this vision.  

In other words, the focus is not more information and more to-do's. Instead, the Initiative is shaped to help participants give priority to first flourishing relationally with GOD in the midst of everyday life and, out of this, inviting others into the same. Investing in this direction, helps grow "healthy" people who – out of a compelling love from and for Jesus – are making disciples among the lost, right where they are…for His glory!

"All of the topics- vulnerability, redefining success, time and schedule management- are areas that need to be looked at intentionally during the big transition from school life to work life, but, to be honest, I don't know that I would have thought to do it on my own. It has been cool to see that God has truths to speak about something as seemingly mundane as my work schedule. This has also been challenging, because I do struggle with compartmentalizing my work life, social time, bible study, etc. God truly is and wants to be in all of those areas and more, which is simultaneously encouraging and difficult." — Leah


”The internship has helped me to seek God's voice on specific and applicable topics in my new life as a twenty-something.