CityLife Teams

CityLife teams is a movement of Christ-followers who form into small teams in US cities across the country so they can together pursue Christ, launch their careers and seek to be used by God among the lost.

Instead of asking you to pursue topics of study, CityLife teams is about pursuing commitments for living. The goal is to experience life with Christ in these four areas: your walk with him, your work on the job, living among people who do not know him and doing all this on a team. What you do "out there" in these areas is central.  

We have some ideas on how to get started and plenty of resources, but it will be up to you and your team to figure out how to put it all together, learning and growing with friends, focusing on the Kingdom of God, adapting as you go.

“We were all on the same team at Smoky Mountain Summer and had dreamt about living together in the same city post-college.  God opened some crazy doors and closed others to get us here and we're so stoked to be living together! It's been a challenge to start working in the "real world" but it's amazing to have brothers to go through that transition with. We've been able to share each other's vision for working hard, making disciples, studying the Word, and being in discipleship relationships. We've already seen God answering big prayers and exceeding our expectations for life here, even while we are challenged in relating to one another as friends.”  – Ryan



We see the Atlanta Nav20s helping us establish life rhythms that will keep us thriving as we follow Jesus day-in and day-out and helping us to refine and pursue dreams that have been in stirring in all of us for the future.