Nav 20s Stories

My wife, Claire, and I live on the north side of Atlanta. We moved here to avoid that awful thing called Atlanta traffic. As newlyweds entering the workforce, we figured there would be a significant amount of change in our lives, but one thing we certainly did not expect was cultural change. We were quite surprised when we moved in and found out that the overwhelming majority of the people who live in our apartment complex and surrounding complexes are Indian. On our floor alone, 4 out of the 5 other apartments are occupied by Indian families.  

Over the past year, we have been intentionally trying to meet and get to know our neighbors. We started by simply knocking on doors and introducing ourselves. Claire made banana bread to bring over, and we just began asking questions about their lives and interests. The first few encounters were awkward, as there was a language barrier in some cases, and just plain unfamiliarity in others. However, God has granted us favor in their sight, and we have been able to get together with each of them over the past year.  Since those first awkward conversations, we have gone bowling, been to a Braves game, and just spent time getting to know them. It is our hope that over time these relationships will bear fruit and that our neighbors come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.   — Spencer and Claire