oaksATL Programs

After School Program at Peace Prep

  • Life Skills: Serving youth and their community by helping elementary school students in after school programs with academic tutoring and enrichment activities in a loving and grace-filled environment. To prepare youth for work or further educational opportunities that enable them to realize their God-given potential and purpose (Phil 2:15).
  • Bible Studies: Introducing youth to Jesus Christ through the Bible and equipping them to be servants of God thoroughly equipped to do every good work (2 Tim 3:16-17). Through God’s Word, each youth would come to know that God has created them, loves them, has given each person special gifts, and has unique purposes for them in life.


Summer Program

Provide safe and grace-filled environments for the youth as well as healthy meals for their families during the summer months. oaksATL seeks to partner with other ministries through summer camps, meal programs, and special events to provide these environments.

Life-on-Life Mentoring

Youth are paired with an adult mentor who spends time, listens, cares, and models Christ’s love to them. Through consistent and long-term involvement with a mentor, youth and their parents have someone to turn to and help overcome the many obstacles they face on a daily basis. They will always have someone there to model, equip, and empower them to live out their God-given purposes, make an impact on the world around them, and reproduce spiritual generations.

Community Housing

Provide housing in the English Ave Neighborhood for families in the oaksATL programs along with team members, both full-time and volunteer staff. By creating safe, livable, and affordable property, families and oaksATL team members will be able to live, work, and serve together in this community. And by restoring run down vacant properties that aren’t used for anything but housing illegal activities, it will bring hope and life to a community with a housing infrastructure that is in ruins.